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Help push Early Voting over the finish line! 

Final budget negotiations are happening NOW behind closed doors, so these leaders need to hear from you loud and clear!

Our government must stand up for its voters. Call Cuomo. Call your Reps. Call the leadership. Tell them to #LetNYvote!

Simply enter your phone number and we'll connect you directly. After you complete the first call, repeat for the rest! 

*We will not save or reuse your phone number.*

518-474-1041 @NYGovCuomo

"Thanks for including $7m in your budget, now stay strong and push it through in the final package. You won't be welcome home without it."

518-455-2071 @LeaderFlanagan

"NY needs to catch up with the 37 other states that already have early voting. This isn't a Republican or Democratic issue, all eligible voters deserve to be able to vote without risking their job or personal responsibilities. Please accept the Governor's Early Voting funding and include it in the final budget this year."

518-455-3595 @JeffKleinNY

"Thank you for saying that the IDC believes in Early Voting, now put your money where your mouth is and make sure it's included in the final budget."

518-455-3791 @CarlHeastie

"Thank you for including Early Voting in the Assembly budget. Please expand it to include the Governor's 2-weekend plan and fight to include it in the final budget."

Now, make one final call to your State Senator and Assembly Member so they keep Early Voting as their top priority. 

Ask them to urge Heastie, Klein and Flanagan to refuse to pass a budget without Early Voting. 

Tell them they shouldn't come home until they've funded a 2-weekend early voting package in the budget. 

Albany Senate Switchboard

Albany Assembly Switchboard

Then share with your friends and let's make sure their phones are ringing off the hook!

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