Do you want fair voting in New York?


The new unified majority in New York State has chosen voting reform as one of their top priorities - because of the work you’ve done to bring this issue front and center. Now we must make sure that comprehensive, equitable and impactful legislation is passed, not just something that looks good on paper. Contact your reps today to let them know that you want to see comprehensive and progressive voting reform as the top priority in 2019.




But unlike many other states, New York's antiquated laws discourage voting and deny citizens the freedom to vote. Together, we can change that. Let NY Vote has common-sense steps needed to protect and expand the freedom to vote for every eligible New Yorker.



Stuck in line for hours at your polling place?  Scanner(s) down?  Ridiculously sized ballot that got torn/jammed? Let's do something about it!  Join Let NY Vote and demand voting reform. The reforms we fight for will help put an end to election-day frustrations, so you don't have to be embarrassed to be a New Yorker on Election Day!  Sign up here to learn about our jam-packed action schedule for now through December.  2019 is the year we bring meaningful voting reform to New York State – with your help!