Voting is an important privilege and responsibility that should be taken seriously.




New Yorkers want more opportunities to vote, not less. Early voting would give eligible New Yorkers the opportunity to vote in person in the days leading up to Election Day. The state legislature would determine the number of Early Voting days.

Here's why Early Voting helps:

  • Voters who are seniors, disabled, in school, working, or parents taking care of their families get a chance to cast their ballot when it's convenient.

  • Voting would be more accessible for all eligible citizens across New York State, whether they live in a rural area, suburban town or crowded city.

  • It isn’t a Democrat or Republican idea: 37 other states and D.C. have it, so why not NY?

  • Would ease pressure on poll sites and workers, save time on Election Day, reduce registration errors, and improve voter satisfaction. 


Automatic voter registration

Too many New Yorkers are blocked from the polls because our state's voter registration system isn't up to date. Automatic Voter Registration would automatically sign-up eligible New Yorkers to vote when they visit state government agencies like the DMV, unless they choose to opt out.

Here's why Automatic Voter Registration helps:

  • It would add up to 2 million more eligible voters to the rolls by replacing New York's current slow and confusing registration process.

  • Improves the security and accuracy of voter rolls by making sure registrations are complete and stays updated. 

  • Will save New York taxpayer money by freeing up time and paperwork administrators use to manually input voter information.


Flexibility TO ChangE Party Affiliation

New Yorkers want to have enough information about candidates before choosing a party. Flexibility to change your party affiliation gives registered  voters more time to make an informed decision about who they want to vote for.

Here's why flexibility to change your party is important:

  • New York’s party enrollment registration deadline is by far the most restrictive in the country. To vote in the 2018 primaries, the deadline has already passed. You would have needed to register with a party by October 13, 2017, more than 8 months before the first primary of 2018.

  • Shorter deadlines would give New Yorkers a chance to choose a party closer to the primary election date instead of months before they even know who the candidates are.


New Yorkers want to be sure that their names are on the voter rolls when they go to vote, not wrongly deleted. Electronic poll books are digital voter rolls used to verify voter information at polls instead of confusing paper-based lists. They would allow for secure, faster and error-free updating of voter data.

Here's what Electronic Poll Books would do:

  • Securely reduce errors in voter data and improve election day check-in by cutting down on long lines at the polls.

  • Eliminate printing and shipping costs, a big savings to New York taxpayers.

  • Allow faster updating of voter information for better managed and more accurate voter rolls.

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New Yorkers on parole should have the opportunity to become fully engaged members of their community. 16 states and D.C. restore voting rights after the term of incarceration.

Here's why restoring voting rights is important:

  • In New York, over 44,000 citizens on parole are prevented from casting a ballot in all NY elections, despite raising families and paying taxes.

  • The law disproportionately disenfranchises Black and Latinx New Yorkers, 3/4 of whom are on parole.

We need to do what we can to ensure that more, not fewer, eligible citizens have the freedom to vote for the health of our democracy, and the accuracy of our elections.