Do you want fair voting in New York?


Help push Early Voting over the finish line! 

1 week until the budget is finalized, 5 simple actions for you to take. Each takes just a few minutes of your time and will make sure our state leaders keep funding for Early Voting in the state budget. 


Help us spread the word on social media
(1 minute)

Make one final call to your State Senator and Assembly Member so they keep Early Voting as their top priority, and ask them to urge Heastie, Klein and Flanagan to refuse to pass a budget without Early Voting. 
(4 minutes)

The town hall is over but you can catch up on what we learned by searching #LetNYvote.

Call the 4 men who have the power to push for early voting or trade it away in the final closed-door negotiations. Let them know what we expect of them.
(8 minutes)

Make Noise!!!
Share our call script on Facebook and Twitter, or use our graphics to post online. Tweet at your reps by tagging their facebook handles and twitter handles we've provided. Find your rep here
(4 minutes)




But unlike many other states, New York's antiquated laws discourage voting and deny citizens the freedom to vote. Together, we can change that. Let NY Vote has common-sense steps needed to protect and expand the freedom to vote for every eligible New Yorker.