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Turn one million New Yorkers into one million new voters

What is it? Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) would register eligible New Yorkers to vote when they interact with a government agency (i.e., the DMV, Department of Health), unless they opt out.

Why is this a priority in 2019? Participating in our democracy should never be an opt-in process, and AVR could turn more than one million New Yorkers into one million new voters.  

What’s the status? A final Automatic Voter Registration bill — S6457 Gianaris / A8280 Walker — was submitted in both houses! 

Our ask: FRONT END

  • YES! It's front end.


  • YES! It's as expansive as possible: all National Voter Registration Act agencies are authorized to participate in AVR. This includes the DMV, Department of Health (Medicaid), Office of Veterans Affairs, CUNY and SUNY schools, and many more agencies. 

Our ask: PROVIDES ADEQUATE SAFEGUARDS to protect our most vulnerable populations

  • Failsafe language is included protecting those who are ineligible from voting.

  • Domestic violence survivors are notified and allowed to remove their information from public voter rolls.

WHAT'S NEXT? It's moving in the Senate but it needs pressure in the Assembly!

  • Senate Bill could be voted on as early as Friday. Committees: Elections > In Rules > Floor

  • Assembly won't be voted on until at least Monday. Committees: In Elections > Rules > Floor

  • It's highly likely that it passes before the end of session — with enough public support!


I’m grateful for your work this session passing historic voting reforms. Automatic Voter Registration is an essential addition to these reforms. It’s proven to improve voter participation and could register over 1 million New Yorkers. Please pass Automatic Voter Registration [S6457 Gianaris, A8280 Walker] this session!

Your State Senator

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Who’s my rep?

Speaker of Assembly
Carl Heastie 
(518) 455-3791

Senate Majority Leader
Andrea Stewart-Cousins
(518) 455-2585 

Governor Cuomo
(518) 474-8390



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