Sign & share our petition to support reforms that make voting fair and secure for all eligible New Yorkers. We’ll deliver it January 23.


Petition to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Senate President Pro Tempore John J. Flanagan, the Speaker of Assembly Carl E. Heastie & Senate Co-Leader Jeffrey D. Klein.

Dear Hon. Messrs. Cuomo, Flanagan, Heastie, and Klein:

We urge you to commit to giving all eligible New Yorkers the freedom to vote by passing common sense steps that will ensure fair and secure voting in New York State. 

  • Early Voting
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Electronic Poll Books
  • Moving the date for changing your party registration closer to election day
  • Restoring voting rights to people on parole

Voting should be accessible for all eligible citizens across New York State, whether they live in a rural area, suburban town or crowded city. Whether they’re a working parent, a student, a senior, or from military family, they deserve an opportunity to get to the polls and vote when it's convenient. No one should have to choose between voting and their job. 

But even as many other states take steps to encourage voting, New York still has some of the most complicated and difficult voting rules in the country. It is embarrassing that New York’s voter participation consistently ranks as one of the lowest in the nation, largely because of state rules that make voting far too complicated and less likely that people will vote.

These voting reforms are non-partisan solutions that will give more eligible New Yorker's a voice in their government and a democracy that is representative of what the people actually want. New Yorkers want free, fair and secure voting, not politicians who write voting laws that benefit their own party or campaign. 

It’s past time for New York to catch up with the majority of the country and modernize our elections for the health of our democracy. 


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