Constituent Letter to State Senator Carlucci

November 7, 2018

Dear Senator Carlucci,

Congratulations on your win. A majority Democrat NY State Senate is beautiful to contemplate. With your years of experience, you are now positioned to be a Senate leader for Democratic values and legislation. We are behind you. We would like to meet with you in December or early January to discuss how you will support voting reform in NY.

We are proud to have delivered on two strong recommendations you gave during our many meetings over the past nearly 2 years:

  • Be loud in support of voting reform

  • Elect more Democrats.

Our voices were loud for voting reform in collecting signatures in your district on a petition for reforms, in writing letters to the editor and in participating in rallies, demonstrations and lobbying (lobbying especially in Albany with Let NY Vote). We give you credit for influencing the IDC to make its very strong statement on voting reform in its budget statement of January, 2018. Now we hope to see the Democratic majority implement those recommendations in NY. Let us know how our voices can help.

To help elect more Democrats, we attended rallies, organized campaign events, made financial contributions, registered voters, phone banked and  canvassed, especially in (now) Senator Harckham's district. We're feeling good this morning!

We really appreciated your appearances in Ossining just before the election. At your Town Hall, though the main topic was school funding, the main emotion was frustration. Your constituents need to have more communication from you regarding your actions on the issues they are most concerned about--health care, education, voting reform, immigration, etc. Many of us have been frustrated that you do not communicate more evidence, short of final actions by the Senate, of the active support you give the issues. If you established a regular communication mechanism with groups of constituents about your actions on their issues, we would understand better the efforts you make and difficulties you face in fighting for our causes. Meetings that we request, general newsletters and forums are not enough. Please consider improving constituent relations in this way.

We look forward to working with you, bringing New York's voting procedures into the 21st century, and understanding better how you serve us.


Catherine Ray, Ossining
Paul Dinter, Ossining
Lora Friedman, Ossining
Audrey Gelfand, Briarcliff Manor
Reena Agaware, Briarcliff Manor
Kathy Walters, Clarkstown
Gail Sasso, Croton, Organizer of CCoHOPE (Cortlandt/Croton-on-Hudson/Ossining/Peekskill) Indivisible